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Drink two cups of cold water before a meal, as this boosts metabolism by up to 30%.

If you're looking for ways to boost your metabolism, you may have heard that drinking
cold water can help. While it does up your metabolism a little, it may not be the best

choice if you're trying to burn more calories for weight loss.

Drinking a glass of ice water burns some calories, but not much. According to the
University of Washington, you burn 8 more calories for every 1 cup of cold water you
drink when compared to drinking 1 cup of room temperature water. The reason you
burn more calories drinking cold water than room temperature water is because your
body is fighting, or burning energy, to keep your temperature at 98.6 degrees
Fahrenheit. If you're trying to lose weight, those extra 8 calories, even if you drink a
number of glasses of cold water a day, do not amount to much, says UA Medical


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