Beyond Diet and Medication, Reverse Diabetes.

Whether you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or you have been told you are at risk, these are 10 ways to start reversing the effects immediately.

Type 2 diabetes is being suffered by 3.9 million people – 90% are the ones who are being affected by type 2 diabetes. There is a shocking statistic shown that 1 in 3 UK adults has pre diabetes, the condition that comes prior to diabetes.
A lot of advice is being circulated which is not helpful and misguiding.

These are few ways which will help in reversing diabetes –
A. Refrain from eating all refined carbohydrates which means no pasta , rice or bread.
B. Don’t add sugar. Your body is already in such a state where you cannot process sugar / carbohydrates easily. Take full steps to eliminate in eliminating sugar from your daily diet.
C. Avoid all sweet drinks and indulge in water, tea or coffee.
D. Have good quality healthy natural fat like almonds, avocados and nuts. It will not increase your weight. As per study people who have almonds in their diet have lost more weight as it is called healthy complex carbs.
E. Don’t invest your energy in counting calories. Instead concentrate on the quality of food you eat, calorie control will automatically be taken care.
F. Eat 5 servings of different types of vegetables. The variety of colours in your food will lead to more phytonutrients you will be receiving.
G. Do 15 mins workout daily. It could be before lunch or dinner whatever suits you.
H. Keep healthy snacks always and refrain from eating refined carbohydrates.
I. Have high quality protection and fat with every meal. It will help in stabilizing blood sugar and less chances of having dessert after your meal.
J. Eat your meals by sitting down at the table when you are eating in sofa, leading to mindless form of eating. If you sit down you can concentrate on your food, enjoy your food and at the same time feel satisfied at the end of your meal.