Drinking water ensures good night sleep?

Is drinking water before bed a better option? Having a good shuteye is one of the basic things for your body to function properly. Every task we do be it passing stool, breathing or sweating – water play an essential role. Some people have a glass of water before going to bed to keep their body hydrated. Let’s understand what researchers have to say?

Water and the sleep cycle
Having water before bed increases the number of times you urinate at night. As per the study your urine amount reduces to a large scale allowing one to sleep 6 to 8 hours without any interruption. According to the national sleep foundation studies have said adults have are 45 years of age and older who are sleeping less than 6 hours at night have an increased chance of heart attack.

Age plays a vital role in sleep and urinary cycle. The older one becomes higher the chances of developing an overactive bladder. This is s medical condition affecting urinary bladder function such as dementia or stroke or difficult for brain to function in communicating signal to your bladder. Diabetes can also affect urinary bladder function.

Understanding the benefits of drinking water: –
A. Improving mood – As per the study, getting deprived from water can impact your mood which will affect your overall sleep – awake cycle. The study shows a total of 52 high and 30 fluid intake who normally drank a lot of water and were not calm as they were normally.
Those who indulge in low fluid intake shows an increase in positive energy, satisfaction and overall being calm when they increase their fluid intake.

B. Acting as a natural cleanser – Having hot water will help you to detox and improve your digestion.
Having hot water will not only improve blood circulation but also remove waste from your body. It will increase the sweat process but also remove excess salt and toxins from the cells.
Having hot water before bed will keep you hydrated and will help in relieving pain or cramping in the stomach.
If plain water is too boring for you to have then try adding lemon before going to bed.

What is the best time to have water?
One must have enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. One sign of dehydration is getting dark urine. If you are having proper water your urine colour would be clear or pale yellow.
Keep a goal of having minimum 8 glasses of water which might differ from person to person. One need to take more water depending on weather or if you are pregnant.

Some best practices for staying hydrated includes these points:
A. Have an increased amount of vegetable and fruit intake, which have high amount of water.
B. Have a glass of water with every meal.
C. Have water before and after exercise.
D. Have water when you are hungry.

The bottom line – Avoid taking water or any other fluid for at least 2 hours before going to bed. If you are facing any irregular problems talk to your doctor or dietitian.