E – pharmacies; Things you need to Know

Few months ago, I came across a funny tv commercial which showed an attractive discount of 30% medicines. I downloaded e – pharmacy app to get my medicines online. Once I registered, they asked me for prescription but my prescription was 4 years older so they rejected. But my platform had a solution. One can consult a licensed doctor who is MD by profession, asked me few questions about my medical history and I gave him the necessary documents to justify it. Within 1 day a licensed pharmacist gave me my medicine and I saved around RS 400 on one transaction.
Unknowingly I joined a large number of people buying medicines online. As per the recent study by frost and Sullivan which is an international consultancy firm estimated to gallop 25,000 crore by 2022. These numbers are very small in compare with brick – mortar medical store. In the last 3 years it has picked well for patients as it is said by Dharmil sheth who is founder or Pharm Easy. Some major e-pharmacies like 1 MG , Medlife , Netmeds, etc.

Key points to remember
A. Always buy from an entity that requires a doctor’s prescription.
B. The invoice should always come with licence, batch number of medicines along with GST.
C. Always read reviews from other people using the platform.
D. Order medicines 2-3 days prior as it takes time for delivery.

Conclusion – These e-pharmacies are more reliable and economical in compare with your neighbourhood chemist. They not only provide huge discount but are equally affordable and convenient. The reason for such rate discount is no rent, no sales staff which is why they can pass to consumer. Always keep a cross check of the medicines and the prescription. Understand, it’s the health so better be safe to the fullest.