The pros and cons attached with collagen

Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil has been in wellness trends and been highly debated by dietitians. There is so much information online, we have tried to laid out pros and cons and side effects attached with collagen. We have explained all the health benefits and side effects which you may not be aware.

Let’s understand what is collagen ?
Collagen is the protein available in land and sea animals which includes humans. When bones are cooked at low temperature for a long span of time, collagen is removed from the bones and liquified into the broth. Irony is high in collagen.
You get powdered form of collagen which you can add in yogurts, smoothies and desserts.

Pros: Health Benefits of taking Collagen
Collagen assists in curing wound care which is vital in reducing bone fractures and osteoarthritis which reduces blood sugar level in diabetes.

Clinical studies have shown, daily intake will reduce wrinkles, fine lines and help in improving elasticity.

The amino acid what we find in collagen helps in healing leaky gut syndrome which assists in protecting good bacteria in large intestine.

Cons: Risks involved in taking Collagen
Let’s understand the side effects involved in collagen supplements. It could be bad taste or any other problem. It has to link with allergic reactions. Shellfish and eggs are two potential sources of collagen. If you have an egg, shellfish allergy it is critical that your collagen is not getting sourced from it. You might feel full.

The bottom line: –
The body will make its own collagen using protein, vitamin C, zinc and copper, says Dr. Katty as she encourages people to get nutrients from food first. ” Eating wide variety of proteins, fruits, carbohydrates and fats ensures your body to make its own collagen and slow the aging process “. Bone broth also helps in increasing collagen intake one can reduce the collagen breakdown in the body by cutting down inflammatory – inducing sugar and applying sunscreen when outside.

One can also opt from a natural source like beef / fish / marine collagen peptides. Always remember the less ingredients you have on label the better it is. Look for a symbol which says “USP” which ensures third party tested for quality and consumption.

If you are looking out for skincare products, retinol is having best ingredient in stimulating collagen production.