11 rules to follow to have a great Hair Day

We are in the age where blow out, dye jobs and straightening are quite a common practice. It makes your hair feel damaged. Before you feel hopeless these are 11 ways to keep your hair healthier and better with some shine.

Rule #1 Make your hair less wet
Water will make your hair swell from inside which in turn force your hair to cuticle up. If you water your hair often it will make your hair break and frizzy. The rule is embracing a dry shampoo that has oil in it and odours absorber. Dry shampoo will remove grease and sweat from your hair.

Rule #2 Get smart with shampoo
Don’t worry about sulphate or parabens in your shampoo as it will not create difference in damaging or fading your colour. Basically, all shampoo removes oil and colour from your hair. Lookout out for labels on shampoo if it is for hair fall or damage repair or daily care. Always use small pouch for 2 – 3 wash and see if it suits your scalp.

Rule #3 Look at the conditioner with a different view.
We all know conditioners will make your hair frizz free and give it some shine. Always apply conditioner and leave it for at least 5 mins then wash will gentle massage. Rinse the conditioner with cold water.

Rule #4 Old shirt can be a saviour
Cotton is a breathable material and it can save your hair from breakage. You can wrap your shirt around your hair and dry it.

Rule #5 Get the right pampering
Apply oil daily. Get haircut every 4-6 months to avoid split ends. Get hair spa done every week.

Rule #6 Avoid heat be natural
Avoid using dryer and let it dry naturally. Heat damages your hair. And makes it weak.

Rule #7 Have healthy diet
You must have a healthy diet. Eat almonds, tomatoes, walnuts, etc. Avoid junk food.

Rule #8 Let your hair breathe.
Never tie a rubber band to your hair. Use hair clips and hair band instead of rubber so it doesn’t break your hair.

Rule #9 Keep your body hydrated
Keep drinking water to keep your hair hydrated. At least 3 litres of water daily.

Rule #10 Treat to your hair
Use hair mask every week as a small treat to your hair. Apply egg and aloe vera as natural ingredients to keep your hair maintained.