Beginners guide before trying Keto Diet.

If you have that fear of fatty and you might not be ready from drastically shutting down fatty stuffs, this beginers guide on keto diet will be difficult to stick on.
The ketogenic diet is very high in fat and extremely low on carb which is extremely difficult to start with.

Its seen that standard American Diet is very high in carbohydrates and processed foods. You might be knowing, that having keto diet, will put your body in a state which is called ketosis.

Let’s understand the practical preparation for the big change to come? Consider this step by step guide.
1. Understanding the Foods to Eat and Avoid on Ketogenic Diet
If you are following keto diet you will be limiting carb intake. Start your day with 20-30 grams of carbs as per New York based dietician Mr Daniel, who has done many talk shows on nutrition.

Most foods that we are aware have carbs, fats and protein so make sure to take correct choices. Let’s suppose, it’s not only just bread, chips, candy that contains carbs but certain fruits and vegetables also include carbs. The only foods that don’t have carbs are meat and fats like butter and oils which has olive and coconut oil.

2. Keto loves Fat, yes you read it right
Everyone is afraid of fat as it is said it kills them. To prepare oneself from high fat diet, one might be uncomfortable at first by try making small changes in the way you eat. Why not to eat a burger on lettuce leaves or opting green veggies instead of fries.
Have non starchy veggies instead of potatoes or rice. Why not to make a plain skinless chicken breast – the whole point is one doesn’t make sense on a keto diet as one may not be getting enough fat.

Slowly and gradually try keeping carbs and get involved in fats.

3. Why not to try Bulletproof Coffee – it’s considered as best Keto Drinks.
Have u tried coffee with butter oil and coconut oil all together? It helps in keeping hunger pangs by it. FYI, Coconut oil plays a big part in sending LDL calories soaring, in case you are prone to heart related illness or family history avoid this drink.

4. Always involve your Family members and keep motivating.
Explain them this is the plan and how you will be working. Understanding is important. This diet is short term let’s say three to six months so understand it’s temporary.

5.It has a side effect too
Be prepared whenever you are having a keto diet, you might be prepared for side effects as Keto flu.

It is a term to denote period after you start the diet as your body is adjusting in burning fat for energy. For few this problem is miserable.

In the start, you might little lazy in your limbs. Walking the staircase might give u horrible experience. Even mental fog is expected.

The Bottom Line:
Pick a date start with no deadlines or any restrictions. Allow your body to get adjusted as it will allow your kidneys excreting more water and electrolytes. Have right amount of sodium and potassium well. Stay Healthy and happy.