The Hot Topic: Can Chewing Aid in Weight Loss.

Chewing gum which has mint flavour attached with freshness will aid in weight loss. It’s a mindful distraction from hunger pangs. Having said that studies have shown that you chew gum and have a proper diet you tend to lessen up the calories from the snack. You might across many celebrities who tend to chew guy most of the time, its generally to sharpen their jaw line.

But obviously there are many elixirs which show weight loss and has good gum effect. But the results are mixed.

These are the 5 benefits of chewing gum :-
A.Reducing stress and anxiety – Chewing gum will help you reduce energy and tension. According to an Australian study the rhythmic motion of chewing will help in reducing hormone of stress, feeling you much calm and relaxed.

B.Boosting up your memory – chewing gum will help to increase blood flow in your brain. It will include oxygen supply in your brain, which will be improving memory and performance. Studies have shown that chewing gum increases blood flow in your brain from 25 to 30 %. Continuously chewing gum will help you to activate your hippocampus, which is essential for learning and memory.

C.Rise in concentrated – Besides improving your memory, chewing gum also helps in your concentration and alertness. The chewing gum will stimulate your brain and increase blood flow. It will keep you more awake as per psychology.

D.Reducing your appetite – Are you planning to lose weight? Studies have shown in the journal, appetite found in chewing gum must be chewed for at least 45 mins or 15 mins in an hour will help you feeling full for long. So, chewing gum helps you to eat less and lose weight.

E.Improving oral health – Chewing gum will release the saliva flow and wash away harmful sugar. It will help in fighting bad breath. It helps in removing stains and protect against cavities and tooth decay. Lookout for a gum sweetened which has xylitol which prevents tooth decay and bad breath.