Cooking oil can make lifestyle change

Our heart is the important organ which functions 24*7 to live life to be the fullest. We are continuously running around and hardly time to spare for oneself. With stress which is a major concern for most of us our health is no more a priority and many are suffering from heart issues. Heart disease is a common problem around the globe
You may be shocked to hear, but the main culprit lies in the cooking oil.

Cooking oil is made from fats, few are good whereas others are not that much. Does that mean you should not consume oil? No is the answer. Make sure to read those labels of what exactly cooking oil is made of. Ads no doubt, will say this one is better than another all you have to read it understand the ingredients, choose what it fits your family and no compromising on taste.

Always add one or more source oil which will add variety of minor components in daily diet. It should be a balance of polyunsaturated /saturated of 0.8-1.0 and linoleic/a linoleic is considered as ideal thing. Blend cooking oil to get maximum benefits:

Rice brain or Ground nut oil with Canola
Rice brain or Ground nut oil with mustard oil.
Rice brain or Ground oil with Soybean /Mustard oil.

The oil should have high MUFA which will lower oil absorption and gas good Omega 3 in fighting inflammation. The ideal is Omega 6: Omega 3 Ratio to maintain heart health which reduces bad cholesterol and gives overall nutrition as per Indian Council of Medical Research.

Healthier oil will keep hear problems at bay and consume balanced diet by exercising regularly. Sleep well to maintain holistic health overall. Make a wise choice and take oil which fits your lifestyle.

A lifestyle change is necessary and requires patience along with commitment. Let’s make changes now to ensure healthy life. Let’s promise to be active.