All About Cancer one needs to be aware

Cancer is a big umbrella affecting large number of people which spreads in other tissues and organs easily. It is the leading cause of death happening around the globe. Research is going on, but no permanent growth has taken place.

In a human body, trillions of cells grow and get divided to function well. These cells have specific cycle as they reproduce as new cells takes place in place of damaged cell. It has instructions which tell cells to function well in terms of growing ahf dividing.

Let’s see what are the factors contributing in cancer and ways to prevent it.

1. No to Tobacco and avoid indulging in second hand smoke.
2. Have balanced diet which includes limiting processed food and more focus on plant foods and healthy foods.
3. Try to avoid alcohol or try in moderation. Moderate drinking is the key
4. Have a control on your weight by being active for at least 30 minutes of physical activity.
5. Avoid sun, wear clothing and hat by applying sunscreen. The sun rays are strongest between 10-4. Be in safe. Avoid tanning in beds which can damage skin.
6. Get vaccination correct by having Hepatitis B and HPV to protect against viruses
7. If any symptoms develop, consult doctor immediately.

There are many treatments to cure cancer like Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, Immunotherapy, Clinical Trials and Alternative medicine to decrease symptoms of cancer and side effects of cancer treatment as nausea, fatigue or pain. These medications include Acupressure, Hypnosis, yoga, massage and relaxation techniques.