Three Tips of Weight loss for night owls.

If you are a night owl you will gain weight as you don’t have a fix pattern of eating and u lack having exercises. In this fast pace life night owls lead to have irregular weights, changes in weight and higher rates of gastrointestinal problems. So, if you come in same category you need to have some changes for better lifestyle. According to 101 weight loss tips by Dr shikha, she says have meal on regular basis and don’t skip any meal. Don’t add extra spices to your night meal. Stop eating greasy food.
Here are 3 ways for a night owl to lose weight:

1. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, blood pressure and irritation. If you have caffeine too much it stops absorption of calcium and iron in body. Cut down sweets, caffeine, etc opt for coconut water and juices of various fruits and vegetables which are healthy. These are loaded in fibre and helps you lose weight. Juice makes your tummy feel full.

2. Stress also causes weight gain. Nowadays stress is the biggest reason of gaining weight because people get stressed for every small thing happening around them. Stress eating can lead to overeating of junk food and chocolates which is loaded in calories. We must have proper no tension sleep of 8 hours every day.

3. People having night shifts often face this problem because they skip breakfast which is most important meal of the day. They keep eating something the whole night to keep themselves awake.

Conclusion – Sleep plays an important role in weight loss.