Troubleshooting Keto: Frequently Asked Questions

Either you have started with keto diet or you are already in. Herein are some tips and tricks for few keto concerns.

1. Suggest me some foods to be eaten on Keto diet?
Answer: Indulge in high quality fats like butter, ghee, avocado oil, coconut oil. It needs to be accompanied with moderate amounts of proteins like meat, eggs, fish and collagen protein. One needs to have high amount of low carb vegetables like broccoli, avocado, cucumber, celery which are nutrient dense foods.

2. Hoe to know if I’m in Ketosis?
Answer: it might take 2-3 days or just few weeks to enter into ketosis, it all depends on your body which starts adapting fat for fuel required. And once your body enter in ketosis, it will start producing Ketones. The best way to say you are in ketosis, is that you will be lasting energy, high in concentration and less appetite. In Ketosis, your Ketones level measures around 0.5-3 (millimoles per litre).

3.How to calculate Macros, and the need to calculate it?
Answer: Macris, are the carbs, proteins or fats which helps in converting into energy. It’s not necessary to keep an essential count of macros, it will be of great help if you learn about your food and body requirements.

4. How can I calculate Net Carbs?
It’s okay if you don’t calculate macros, calculate net carbs is a must. It calculates your body uses for energy. Calculating net carbs informs about your food choices you make.

5. The most important, is Keto diet healthy?
Answer: It’s healthy and quite effective and is recognized by researchers. If once do it properly, they have shown tremendous weight loss and have reduced inflammation.

6. What is DIRTY KETO all about?
Answer: Dirty Keto is just like high fat and low carbs but the only difference is that it allows more of processed or packaged food. One can still lose weight if you are following dirty keto but has certain implications like weight gain.

8. Is diabetes related with Keto diet?
Answer: No. Keto and diabetes are not related in fact, it reduces glucose intolerance and helps in stabilizing blood sugar.

9. Can keto diet be followed on Long Term?
Answer: Yes and No. For some, it does without any problem. Otherwise few people have problems like insomnia and many imbalances in hormones.

10. Different Types of Ketones?
Answer: Acetone, Beta Hydroxybutyric acid, Acetoacetate are some type of Ketones
11. How to know if I Need carbs?
Answer: In case you come across symptoms like dry eyes, insomnia or any mood changes, your body wants you to indulge in carbs. Listen your body.

12. What if I don’t lose on Keto Diet?
Answer: It could be either wrong food or eating too much.

13. Is keto diet and Atkins same?
Answer: No, both are way different. Atkins work on high protein. In Keto diet, large amount of protein intake is likely to get converted called as gluoneogenesis.