Tips to avoid weight gain during vacations.

We have heard many people having weight gain at the time of their vacations and its a major concern for many adults. During vacations we indulge in overeating having sedentary behaviour and consuming fatty foods. Many people do not lose this extra baggage of weight and the weight gain is inevitable.

Herein are a few tips to avoid weight gain during vacations –
A.Have a family time with family and friends – sedentary lifestyle like watching a film are very common in family tradition during vacations. Inactivity leads to weight gain which is also accompanied by overeating. Involve in physical activity with your loved one and be mindful about eating.

B.Eat your snacks well – During vacations unhealthy snacks like cookies or other foods is easy to excess and quite unnecessary.If you are at home you can avoid this problem by keeping it out of site but it’s difficult at work place or family gathering. Keep a track of munching healthy snack which does not contain added sugar or unhealthy fats.

C.Check on the proportion you eat – whenever the vacation arrives, we tend to overload our plate. We eat larger proportions and gain weight. To understand appropriate portion size always read labels.

D.Have a restful sleep – Deprivation is a common problem as it causes weight gain. Improper sleep is linked with lower metabolism so make sure u get adequate sleep.

E.Manage your stress level – It is important to keep stress level in control during holidays specifically when you are holidays and you are surrounded by unhealthy foods. Some ways to reduce stress includes meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

F.Have fibre rich food – Have right amount of fibre such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts.

G.Restrain from having dessert – During vacation you will find desserts everywhere. It will lead to excessive sugar consumption which is the main cause of weight gain. If you are having dessert then indulge in small piece of dessert which will feel you more satisfied.

H.Avoid alcohol – During vacations it’s quite common to get indulge in alcohol or sugar rich beverages. These drinks have high amount of sugar and add empty calories of sugar leading to weight gain.

I.Avoid any form of processed food
– During vacations it is easy to carry processed food which carries unhealthy sugar and excess fats. Instead opt for healthier options which will not take a toll on your health.