Yoga: 6 ways to get in shape

Yoga is an ancient form and it allows you to focus on mind, body and the soul. It’s practised throughout. The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word ‘YUG’ meaning of individual and universal consciousness.
Yoga is not a form of religion, it’s science of integrating mind, soul and body. It’s is a practice which allows to pose different asanas to make you mentally and physically active.

Yoga for weight loss
Yoga helps in losing weight. There are many factors contributing weight gain, one needs to understand the reasons for it, as it could be faulty diets, improper exercise. You can make u feel flexible, by twisting your body, aiming to cleanse your inner mechanism and strengthening stamina within.

These are few Yoga Asanas to get you started which will facilitate weight loss.

1.Surya Namaskar

This is the most basic and highly practiced one which means sun salutation. It has twelve different yoga poses which works on various parts of the pose. As per the yoga experts, surya namaskar is great way to be active.

2.The warrior pose

It has a mountain pose, which is followed by putting legs back and it looks like a lunge with 90-degree positioning and stretching your hands above head. It works on legs, thighs, back and arms which improves blood circulation.

3.Triangular pose

Start with wide leg turn your right food out. Stretch your arms out, pushing right side of your waist line and slowly down facing downwards with flat back. Keep right palms on the ground with left arms turning towards the sky. Repeat both the sides.

4.Upward Plank

It’s difficult to crack in the start but the result will make you feel gratified. It works on back, shoulders, wrists and muscles. It’s great for respiratory system in strengthening core strength of body.
Keep legs stretched in front of you. Put hand behind hood pointing your feet and allow body to rise up. Allow your body to rise from the tailbone and try pulling your head back at the same time. It exactly opposite of push up.

5.The boat pose

Lie on the back and go to a V position which resembles like boat. Hold on for 10 seconds and increase the bat which each passing day. Feel stomach muscles to kill stubborn belly fat.

6.The bridge pose

Lie on back with hands will be stretched sideways by folding your knees. Raise your body from pelvic area. Use hands for support. It will work magic on hood stomach and thighs.