Quick start to keep moving…

We have heard from everyone saying that one needs to move throughout the day. Indulge in some kind of exercises, yoga class or even a marathon. These are 6 ways which will help to keep you moving, hopefully, you enjoy the process.
1. Have workout friend or friends
If you have someone who is waiting for you for a walk, there are high chances of you showed up. The workout friend should be a great motivator and should offer encouragement to succeed together.

2. Always try something new
Humans love creativity. Try a new workout or same routine exercise with a new twist. It will bring excitement in your routine as it will bring maximum results. In a study, researchers have found effects of exercise in variation. Yields maximum benefits.

3. Get it outside
Fresh air, lovely winds, sunshine makes your exercise more enjoyable plus it has more psychological benefits. According to 2011 meta-analysis, Outdoor activities will result in positive energy along with less depression, anger and tension. Sunlight will help to increase testosterone levels with the help of vitamin D production.

4. Patience, patience…..
Always focus on the journey and enjoy the process by staying motivated as the outcome will be fabulous. When you are into the journey – Patience is the key – great outcome will happen. Always remember goal will remain the same but for everyone expectation will differ.

5. Involve play along with exercise
This is another way of enjoying your activity more when you involve fun activities along with exercise. Fun activities could be trampoline jumping or tossing a frisbee which will be a break from the ” serious activities like running or strength training.

6. Find what you love.
“No gain without any pain” It’s true for most of us as it is the harsh reality. If you love the activity or the exercise, you have a better chance of sticking to the routine. Try for indoor classes, outdoor walk, Zumba, Kick boxing – mix it up till you find something that stands out for you.

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