Bleeding gums: Natural ways to cure it.

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When you see blood while eating apple or any other food it’s a symptom of gum bleeding. Gum bleeding it indeed gum disease so you need to keep your gums also healthy along with your teeth.

Let’s understand what causes gum bleeding –
1. Unhygienic mouth can cause bacteria which leads to plague.
2. Vitamin K & vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding gums.
3. Infections can also be a big reason.
4. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also be a reason.
5. If you have a poor oral hygiene that will also lead to gum bleeding.
6. Excessive tobacco consumption is also a major reason.
7. Poor eating habits.

Symptoms of gum bleeding –
1. Inflamed gums.
2. Bad breath.
3. Swollen gums.
4. Teeth getting loosen up.

Home remedies to cure gum bleeding –

1.Salt water rinse – Salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Put salt in a glass of warm water and rinse it thoroughly for twice or thrice a day.

2.Honey – Take a small amount of honey on your fingertips and massage it gently daily. Honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties so it stops bleeding.

3.Cranberry juice – Take some unsweetened juice of cranberry and drink it daily. It has antimicrobial properties that is must for gum bleeding. It comprises of anthocyanins and phenolic acids which helps in keeping teeth and gums healthy.

4.Oil pulling – pulling of oil is a process to fight infection which cause your gums to bleed. For oil pulling rinse with coconut or sesame oil to kill bacteria.

5. Turmeric – Turmeric is known since ages as it has healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can stop gum bleeding. All you have to do is take some turmeric mix it with mustard oil and massage on your gums to avoid bleeding.
There are few natural ingredients like aloe vera, ginger, neem, which will help avoid gum bleeding.