Having difficulty in losing weight? Let me burn these Myths JUST for you!!

In this year, we have heard of the tips and tricks. new diets have been flowed in. Many are just myth. Just we are trying to debunk it. Happy Reading.

MYTH: Skipping meals will be helping me to lose weight
FACT: In fact, if you skip meal, you are inviting more trouble in your platter. It’s advisable to not skip any of your meals. It is linked with obesity and has adverse effects on the body. Skipping meal is not a permanent solution. One can keep a fast, where just gives a break for a while but in general parlance. It’s not advisable to skip any meal.

MYTH: Lifting weights will make heavier, instead of losing.
FACT: People who lift they feel they will get bulky. In fact, it’s not true, you are building up the muscles which will help you in losing weight. You will be burning more calories rather. The only thing that makes you feel bulkier is lifting very heavy weight.

MYTH: If you are eating healthier, you might feel you are investing more.
FACT: Only if you take processed foods that are really expensive. But if you opt for green leafy vegetables, eggs and other options which are available in market they are quite cheaper.

MYTH: Weight loss diets always work.
FACT: It might help and will give you temporary results, but one needs to do it in long term basis is follow a healthy lifestyle.

Weighing products, vegetables, fruits on kitchen electronic scales and writing values to the list for calorie counting and making up a proper diet menu, dieting

MYTH: Calorie counting is the strategy to follow to lose weight
FACT: It said to consume 1200-1400 calories in a day. Everyone’s body is different. The best person to tell you how much to consume is your brain. If you are hungry, just have a glass of water first, little salad, still you feel more have food later. The thumb rule is not to make your stomach anytime completely full.

MYTH: All Carbs are Horrible
FACT: Not all carbs are bad. One needs to make in moderation to get right amount of nutrients. Instead of white rice, brown rice is a better option. Multi grain are a great option. Understand, our body requires everything but in moderation.

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