Pre-Diabetes Diet: What to Eat or not Eat to Avoid Further Development of Diabetes!!

In today’s world, we are very much prone to not take much of our health that seriously, and we tend to possess a strong genetic predisposition to diabetes. It has high level of tolerating glucose in our body.

Diabetes are on the rise, on everyday basis. It doesn’t matter what type one belongs to. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of people who are suffering from diabetes has risen to 300 percent since 2014. Diabetes do occur when pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin in the body. Bodily Function are highly ineffective in the body. Insulin is not resulting in formation of glucose. In fact, Diabetes is considered as chronic disease, if taken enough care, symptoms can be curbed down to a great level.

There are many factors contributing to Diabetes like improper lifestyle, improper food, stress, sedentary lifestyle and many more factors attached to it.

Symptoms pertaining to Pre-Diabetes:

-Tiredness throughout the day
-Unexplained signs of weight gain
-Dark Skin Patches
-Acne like skin problem
-Unable to concentrate
-Constant thirst leading to frequent urination

Here in are Certain Foods to Eat and not to Eat if you come across Pre-Diabetes:

If you are diagnosed with Diabetes don’t worry or panic. Relax. Always remember, you can reverse it, it’s all there in your Hands.!!
1.Remember Foods with High GI make your sugar level go on rise. So, always remember to have food with low GI.
2.Indulge in low carbs diet, instead of white foods like pasta, white rice. Prefer multi grain foods over regular processed foods.
3.Sugar and Starch will be entering the blood stream as sugar. Always make sure to read the Labels. Many a times, have hidden sugar, so go through it well. During pre-diabetes, be careful not having any sugary drinks. The fruits which has sugar, just try to skip it.
4.Not to indulge in starchy foods like potatoes, Corn etc.
5.Not to be indulging in Trans-fat or saturated fat which has high cholesterol level leading to heart problems with diabetes.

These are the Foods to be indulging in more to avoid Diabetes:

-Whole Wheat/Multi Grain
-Brown Rice/Brown Sugar
-Low Fat Diary
-Green Vegetables

Exercise is the key in maintaining insulin resistance in the body. Make sure to have enough water to stay hydrated. Having a healthy lifestyle will lead one to eliminate pre diabetes symptoms.

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