Flu Shot Myths: Time to Burst it

Many people make think flu shots skipping will make them catch flu or make them fall ill. Experts say, it’s a pure misconception. The flu vaccines are loaded with flu viruses, they are not related with live viruses. They are inactive, in fact they protect you. They are not infection rather being protective.

It is a fact, that you get flu if you are not vaccinated.
-It takes approximately two weeks for the flu shot to be active. You must have been exposed to flu virus quite before the flu shot.

-Research generally identify three to four strains which are common every season, but at times they do miss. Its not possible to include each and every strain in the vaccine. Every year, due to flu shots, many lives are saved from hospitalisation and deaths as millions of people are protected from flu.

-Understand, flu shots are not perfect. It varies from person to person. The highest number of people affecting from flu are young adults and small children. People with any kind of chronic ailment or health ailment will have little less effect.

Studies have proven, that you have flu shot, there is a high probability of hospitalisation and death and the number of admissions in hospitals have been reduced considerably.

But as a matter of Fact!!
Flu is a serious disease as per the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention especially for people who are young adults and small children. But it doesn’t involve any amount of risk.

It’s advisable to get the flu injection right to save your maximum time from the hospital and it doesn’t involve any side effects. Flu vaccines are available for anyone above six months of age. People who have an allergy should inform the doctor prior of whether to apply it or not.

FluMist is a flu vaccine which is approved by CDC and its most common as it is nasal spray vaccine. The only side effect you might feel is little soreness or little redness. It helped in protecting individual health and for loves ones around us.

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