The Perils of High Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a condition which is characterized by high blood sugar levels. It is one of the leading disorders around the globe. The real reason for diabetes is whenever you eat, the carbohydrates in your food are turned into glucose which will be circulating in your blood stream

Type – 2 diabetes is rising globally and about 98 million Indians are likely to suffer by the end of 2030. Type – 2 diabetes can be managed if healthy lifestyle is maintained.

How Food is Affecting Your Blood sugar:
There are few foods which contain more glucose in comparison to other foods the 3 main nutrients found in food include carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and fats. Carbohydrates will be found in food in fruits, vegetables, milk products and sweets. They help to rise glucose at a much higher rate. Always choose carbs from healthy sources like grains, fruits, vegetables without adding sugar, salt and fat.

Proteins play a necessary part of balanced diet and they do not raise glucose like the carbs do. To avoid weight gain, have balance amount of protein. So, if you are suffering from Type – 2 diabetes it’s not a great idea to treat low sugar with protein shakes or any mixed Fats are a necessary essential of balance diet from nuts, seeds and fatty fish. Always include these foods in moderation.

Treat it Right
A. Always invest 30 mins of exercise either walking or any other form.
B. Eat low calorie, high fibre nutritious food.
C. Sleep well for minimum 8 hours.
D. Don’t replace saturated fat with any form of sugar. Do check label for any hidden sugar therein packaged foods.
E. Always be careful with alcohol. The cocktails which are loaded with high amount of sugar. These liquid calories will rise your blood sugar level high. Last but not the least avoid taking any stress.

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